artists say good bye to nine van caldenborgh

just after art amsterdam ’09, in between two exhibitions, at the time the space of gallery 9 was empty, the artists connected to gallery 9 said good bye to nine van caldenborgh. to nine it appeared to be a big surprise. to give expression to their gratitude of all the years of her dedication they offered nine works of them. with all these works we made a special mini exhibition just for her. nine also received an album specially composed for her with pictures of the artists in their studio.

klick here to view pictures of the good bye party to nine van caldenborgh.

art amsterdam ’09

from may 13th  until may 17th  2009 gallery 9 had a booth on art amsterdam ’09.

art amsterdam was celebrating its 25th years jublilee and in this occasion was opened by her majesty queen beatrix.

to gallery 9 the art amsterdam ‘09 was a big succes. this time the particpation in the art amsterdam was a co-operation project of dick bouwma and nine van caldenborgh. to nine van caldenborgh this art amsterdam was as a ‘grand finale’: a beautiful ending of the period of 20 years she has been working for gallery 9.

klick here to view pictures of the booth of gallery 9 on art amsterdam ’09.

gallery 9 goes on!

gallery 9 has been founded in 1989 by nine van caldenborgh. after 20 years nine thought it was a good moment to hand over the gallery to an successor.

from january 1st 2009 gallery 9 has been taken over by Dick Bouwma (dick@gallerynine.nl).

dick wants to continue the gallery as gallery 9, on the wellknown location at keizersgracht 552 in amsterdam and with the familiar group of artists connected to gallery 9.

dick wants to go further on the same footing and to go on with the line of the gallery.

nine van caldenborgh is not disapperaring from sight completely.

nine will be involved in the role of an advisor to the gallery and often will be present at all kind of occcasions (such as openings of exhibitions and art amsterdam).

1989 -2009 20 years gallery 9!

this year 20 years ago gallery 9 was started by nine van caldenborgh.

this jubilee will be celebrated with a spectacular presentation with several of the permanent aritst of gallery 9 at art amsterdam ’09 in a booth of 75 square meters in total.

on 50 m2 in a group exhibition works will be exhibited  of the following participating artists:

gabriël barlag, jac bisschops, hubert de boer, fons brasser, dick cassée, karin gielen, jan haak, dorry van haersolte, joop haring, anneke klein kranenbarg and peter verdonk.

also there will be a solopresentation of riki mijling on 25 m2.

website renewed!

the website of gallery 9 needs to be renewed. in next period we will work hard on it. as soon as the new website will be ‘on air’ we immediately will inform everyone.   

invitations and mailings by e-mail!

from january 1st 2009 on all invitations for the openings of the exhibitions and all  other information from gallery 9 will be sent by e-mail. the costs of printed matter and can be firmly reduced and the natural environment is respected with this. at the same time it is possible to inform everyone faster and more efficient.  please send us your e-mail adress to be added to our mailing list!