raw showcases

in run-up to raw art fair from december 24 2012 a painting of martijn duifhuizen is hanging in one of the showcases of the former building of abn amro at the coolsingel 119 in rotterdam.


participation gallery 9 in art 2013

art 2013 is the new spring art fair in the netherlands which as a successor of the art and antiques fair  artantique offers a new platform both to antiques, old art,  contemporary art and design.

this new art fair has the potention to grow out to the most important spring art fair for design, arts and antiques in the netherlands.

the admission criteria are the same as those of pan amsterdam.

participation gallery 9 in art fairs in 2013

besides the regular exhibitions program in the own space of the  gallery, gallery 9 has the intention to participate in 2013 in the following art fairs:

raw art fair

art 2013


pan amsterdam

kunstkoop 2013-2014

the mondriaan fund decided that gallery 9 in 2013 and 2014 again can make use of the kunstkoop.

the facility is valid for works of artists who have exhibited or will exhibit in the gallery in the period 2011-2014.

klick here to view the kunstkoopregeling

gallery 9 on location!

during the period of moving and rebuilding from keizersgracht 552 to keizersgracht 548 in amsterdam gallery 9 indeed does not have its own space but in this period in co-operation an impressive exhibition will be organised on location:

from november 30 2012 until 9 januari 2013

just 1 hour drive away from Amsterdam, an unique

solo-exhibition titled ‘Eigenwijs‘ presenting the work of martijn duifhuizen in:

ontmoetingscentrum de tuyter

nachtegaalstraat 8

2922 vl  krimpen aan den ijssel (zuid-holland)

+31 (0)1 80 51 99 31


mon-fri 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

sat: 10 a.m. -1 p.m.

sun: closed  

klick here for google map


removal gallery 9

since 2005 gallery 9 is housed in a rented space at keizersgracht 552, 1017 el amsterdam, the netherlands.

beginning 2012 the owner of the building passed away.

september 2012 the building is sold by the heirs.

in the plans of the new owners the gallery has to move out.

on october 15th 2012 the space used by the gallery has to be produced.

from January 2013 on an attractive location near the current space can be rented. It is the space of the former gallery ‘espace’ at keizersgracht 548.

this location will be available in january 2013.

artspot amsterdam 2012

unfortunately the organisation of artspot amsterdam 2012 had to decide to cancel artspot amsterdam 2012. it appeared it was not possible to contract a sufficient number of good qualified participants.

participation gallery 9 in

artspot amsterdam contemporary art fair

from october 17th until october 21st 2012 you can find gallery 9 on artspot amsterdam in loods 6, knsmlaan amsterdam (nl).

this year it is for the second time that artspot amsterdam will be organised.

klick here to view the website of Artspot Amsterdam on www.artspotamsterdam.nl

decreasement of vat

from july 1st 2012 the vat on works of art has been decreased again to 6%.

some of the artists decrease their prices. other artists do not. this is connected to if the prices were increased or not of at the january 1st 2011). 

participation gallery 9 in kunstrai 2012

from wednesday may 30 until sunday june 3 2012 again the kunstrai will be organised in hall 4 and 5 in the rai in amsterdam (nl).

gallery 9 presents work of:

  1. -gabriël barlag (nl)

  2. -martijn duifhuizen (nl)

  3. -karin gielen (b)

  4. -robbert de goede (nl)

  5. -eef de graaf (nl)

  6. -dorry van haersolte (za)

  7. -manja hazenberg (nl)

  8. -michiel jansen (nl)

  9. -jantien kahn (nl)

  10. -anneke klein kranenbarg (nl)

  11. -ineke van koningsbruggen (nl)

  12. -saskia van der made (nl)

  13. -dorien melis (nl)

  14. -tineke porck (nl)

  15. -dov shlein (ro)

  16. -josé van tubergen (nl)

  17. -frans vendel (nl)

  18. -coen vernooij (nl)

  19. -helma veugen (nl)


klick here to view pictures of the booth of gallery 9 at kunstrai 2012

silence concert: ‘sei still mein herz’

thursday evening may 24th 2012 will be the premiere of a particular special ‘sllence concert’ with exhibition titled ‘sei still mein herz’ in the sint-jans church in gouda (the netherlands).

the visual artist martijn duifhuizen who co-operates with gallery 9 exhibits his work ‘het laatste avondmaal’ (‘the last supper’) and ‘het laatste oordeel’ (‘the last judgment’). the premiere of the new composition ‘sei still mein herz’ of the dutch composer kees wisse will be performed by three trumpets and an chorus orgue.

this project is supported by gallery 9.

klick for further information (in dutch) about the concert, the exhibition and making reservations for entry tickets on www.seistillmeinherz.com

art amsterdam 2012 cancelled

on monday 14 may, the board of amsterdam rai decided to cancel the edition of art amsterdam 2012 scheduled to take place this september in the kromhouthal in amsterdam north. for more information:


artantique 2012 in jaarbeurs utrecht

saturday april 21st the artantique fair for arts, design and antiques has been officially opened by mr. aleid wolfsen, mayor of utrecht (nl).

on the homepage of artantique (www.artantique.nl/pagina.php) you can find a link to a splendid impression www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-agEENfBSQ&feature=share) on youtube made by martijn duifhuizen. martijn duifhuizen is one of the artists represented by gallery 9. we present his work at the artantique. we show three of his works: ‘icoon’ (‘icon’), ‘het laatste avondmaal’ (‘the last supper’) and one work untitled.

artantique 2012 (in hall 8 of the jaarbeurs utrecht) is open to the public until sunday 29 april 29th. you are wellcome!

klick here to view pictures of the booth of gallery 9 at artantique 2012.

participation gallery 9 in artantique 2012

this year it is for the third time that gallery 9 particpates in the new, inspiring fair for arts and antique: artantique (www.artantique.nl).

artantique will take place in the jaarbeurs utrecht (nl).

the fair is open to public from sunday april 22nd until sunday april 29th 2012.

saturday april 21st will be the opening to invites. 

gallery 9 presents the work of the following artists:

  1. -anjeliek blaauw

  2. -dinieks

  3. -martijn duifhuizen

  4. -robbert de goede

  5. -eef de graaf

  6. -dorry van haersolte

  7. -manja hazenberg

  8. -michiel jansen

- jantien kahn

  1. -ineke van koningsbruggen

  2. -saskia van der made

  3. -dorien melis

  4. -tineke porck

  5. -josé van tubergen

  6. -helma veugen

it is with a great pleasure we invite you to visit the artantique and offer you free entrance tickets.

please send an e-mail to info@gallerynine.nl and mention name, adress and the number of persons and we will send the free tickets to your adress.


bookpresentation dick cassée

In gallery 9 on Sunday February 26th 2012 from 2 till 5 p.m. presentation  of the book:

dick cassée - grafiek (1959-2010)’.

with introduction written by rudi fuchs and with textes of georges braque, james joyce, thomas a. clark, kevin macneil, lucebert, georg traki en hans arp.

limited edition of 250 copies, included 50 copies with a special edition (numbered and signed) of print haghpat, 2011, 22 x 29 cm.

price € 35,-. included print € 100,-

available at gallery 9

you are cordially invited.