visual art is for vincent hamel the realization of a need to convey a feeling, an emotion with as few resources as possible.

in his case the relativity, the cycle, the space, the silence.

this is expressed by making objects from materials that are explicitly chosen for their atmosphere.

the combinations and the processing of these materials, the colour, the size and the dimensions of the object ultimately determine the end result.

these autonomous objects are therefore clearly not paintings in the sense of a window to another environment than they are in.

they want to be part of their environment and are therefore heavily dependent on it.

obviously the viewer does not have to agree with these basic principles.

he would be able to appreciate the object for entirely different reasons than the one assumed by the maker.

vincent hamel

born in 1931 in amsterdam (nl)

lives and works in amsterdam (nl)


1948-1950 royal academy of art, the hague (nl)

1951-1957 state academy of art, amsterdam (nl)

1958-1959 hoger instituut voor schone kunsten, antwerpen (be)


solo and group exhibitions all over the world included in germany, france, india, netherlands, austria, united states

most important solo exhibitions:

1973  summery exhibition museum fodor, amsterdam (nl)

1985-1991 gallery distelblom, harlem (nl)

1992-2003 gallery de vreeze, amsterdam (nl)

1996 gallery howard scott, new york (us)

1999 gallery howard scott, new york (us)

2001 museum of hoorn, hoorn (nl)

2002 kunstcentrum breda, breda (nl)

2003 gallery howard scott, new york (us)

2003 gallery van der donk, hamburg, (de)

2004 gallery roger katwijk, amsterdam (nl)

2008 gallery howard scott, new york (us)

2010 gallery roger katwijk, amsterdam (nl)

2011 museum belvédère, heerenveen (nl)

2012 gallery roger katwijk, amsterdam (nl)

2014 gallery howard scott, new york (us)

2015 l’association l.a.c., sigean, corbières (fr)

2020 gallery 9 contemporary art, amsterdam (nl)

meest belangrijke groepsexposities:

1966 5th international art exhibition, new delhi (in)

1985 stedelijk museum, amsterdam (nl)

1997 kammerhoff gallery, gmunden, (at)

1998 exhibition ‘clear and saturated’, arti, amsterdam (nl)

1998 ‘akzo nobel’ chemicals b.v., arnhem (nl)

gallery 9 presents his work since 2018:

2020 solo exhibition in the gallery

2020 summerexhibition in the gallery

2019 summer exhibition in the gallery

2019 presentation at kunstrai | art amsterdam, rai amsterdam (nl)

2019 spring exhibition in the gallery

2019 winter exhibition in the gallery

2018 presentation at art the hague, fokker terminal the hague (nl)

2018 summer exhibition in the gallery


his works are included in numerous collections.

the most important collections are:

private collections

adward albee (us)

company collections

municipality of amsterdam, amsterdam, (nl)

telephone company ptt, the hague (nl)

bouwfonds nederlandse gemeenten, hoevelaken (nl)

martini hospital, groningen (nl)

museum collections

stedelijk museum, amsterdam (nl)

museum boijmans van beuningen, rotterdam (nl)

portland museum, portland, maine (us)

belvédère museum heerenveen (nl)

waterland museum, purmerend (nl)


1972 slotervaart hospital, amsterdam (nl):

          colour compositions with coloured gravel and tiles on flat roofs

1972 alberdingk tijm college, hilversum (nl), (arch.: p. haffmans):

          colour compositions on fire gates

1973 trade union building, epe (nl), (arch.: p. haffmans):

          mural paintings in staircase well

1983 water supply, rotterdam (nl), (arch.: w. van quist):

          colour compositons switchhouse

1984 shell head office, the hague (nl):

          decorations inner court

1985 municipality of amsterdam, amsterdam (nl):

          colour compositions on 8 railway viaducts

1985 building national police, vinkeveen (nl):

          mural paintings

1986 labour excange building, valkenburg (nl):

          mural paintings

awards and nominations

1956 willink van collen award

1957 2nd talens award

1969 ‘europa prijs’, belgium (bronze)

subsidies, stipendiums, scholarships

1957 state stipendium for study of goya and velasquez in spain

1958 state stipendium for study of flemisch painters,

          study at the higher institute for fine arts, antwerpen (be)

1966 travelling scholarship for greece


report purchases municipality of amsterdam (nl), 1987 p. 76/217

catalogue museum fodor 10, amsterdam (nl), 1973

art for statebuildings ’78-’85, p. 129

the academic medical center catalogue ‘de amc collectie’, amsterdam (nl), p.162/164/185

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‘art review’ 07-’96, new york (us)

catalogue belvédère museum heerenveen (nl) 2012

‘vincent hamel from image to object’, 2012