jan cornelissen

(hoogland, nl, 1959)

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jan cornelissen graduated in expanded painting at the rietveld academy, amsterdam (nl), in 2022 (dogtime-program).

he currently continues with expanded paintings, which have evolved into minimalistic reliefs using different materials.

he explores how both abstract and figurative structures may evoke space and how they behave in their surrounding space.

he interrogates the interplay between light, shadow, and colour with these structures and how a gradual change of light in time may induce slow movement.

the spectator is invited to resonate in an optic-haptic way, to enter these virtual spaces, similarly as being seduced by a memory, that affects life at the concrete level.

his spatial work also refers to infinite space and the universe and the incomprehensibility of infinity.

with his experience as a medical doctor and medical researcher he also questions the cartesian dualism between body and mind and the cartesian distinction of the organic and inorganic, which distinction has become blurred in view of the inability to pinpoint the origin of organic life.

at the rietveld a graduation-thesis was written entitled ‘resonance, noise, and dissonance’.

resonance was defined by the echo out of an internal/memorized image-atlas. analogous to what daniel kahneman has outlined at the psychological and biological level for immediate and delayed responses in the human brain (thinking fast, thinking slow), he describes resonance in art both as an immediate response (“thinking fast”) and a delayed response (“thinking slow”).

apart from resonance also dissonance and noise were interrogated as concepts, that may disrupt  widely acclaimed views and may evoke new concepts and views and may enable so-called sublime experiences.

lastly, the role of poetry and language in the general as titles and/or text accompanying visual artworks is discussed from the perspective of facilitating or enhancing visual resonance.

jan cornelissen

born in 1959 in hoogland (amersfoort) (nl)

lives in rotterdam (nl)

occupation: professor of hematology at erasmus medical center, rotterdam (nl) and national expert at the european medical agency, amsterdam (nl}

artstudio in rotterdam (nl)


1977-1985 medicine state university utrecht (nl)

1985-1990 internal medicine

1987-1990 phd-traject university hospital utrecht (nl)

2017-2022 gerrit rietveld academy, dogtime expanded painting, amsterdam (nl)

2010-2022 individual lessons from different artists


solo and group exhibitions in the netherlands including:

amsterdam and rotterdam

gallery 9 presents his work since 2023:

2024 solo exhibition ‘sundial’ in the gallery

2024 presentation at kunstrai | art amsterdam in rai, amsterdam (nl)

2023 holidays exhibition in the gallery

2023 summer exhibition in the gallery

2023 presentation at kunstrai | art amsterdam in rai, amsterdam (nl)

art fairs

gallery 9 presents since 2023 works of jan corneilssen at art fairs:

kunstrai | art amsterdam 2024 in rai, amsterdam (nl)

kunstrai | art amsterdam 2023 in rai, amsterdam (nl)


works of jan cornelissen are in private collections


‘resonantie, ruis, en dissonantie’ / door jan cornelissen

thesis in the context of part-time training dogtime expanded painting at the gerrit rietveld academy, amsterdam (nl) (2017-2022)

rotterdam (nl), jan cornelissen, 2022

isbn 978-90-90357-188