jochem op ten noort

(naarden, nl, 1976)

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the work of jochem op ten noort is in the early stages not clearly defined in terms of themes.

from collected data he cites excerpts that do not seem to have direct connection with each other, but form an emotional interface for him.

often he tries to reconstruct small scenes from everyday life and restructures them in a compact form.

the starting point for his paintings mostly consists of pictures of landscapes that he himself made on one of his many trips to southern europe, central and south america.

the landscape is traditionally a popular theme among painters.

the paintings of jochem op ten noort represent the landscape texture, the skin of the earth.

they are elements of a larger whole.

by reformulating the meaning of the elements used to refute or even put in force, he tries to capture. his own memory.

building up of a work place happens in many stages and one of the first stages consists of stripping of unnecessary factors in his photos.

colors and patterns are filtered out, and in this way he comes to new principles.

the process of extracting and filtering is a basic, creating a palette is of only formal components. 

by stacking and mixing elements such as line, hue, shape and surface, there arises a stratification.

by examining the patterns chosen good and get rid of unnecessary parts, there remains a minimal basis over.

on this basis a space is created.

not a space that we know, for example a landscape, but a space without perspective or clearly tangible components.

by focusing on details, he develops a new approach and thus new ingredients, which playfully form the basis for the small canvases and works of medium format.

these works then form the basis for the great landscapes, making the whole process of restructuring begins again.

by applying a systematic working method he explores the gray area between abstraction and realism.

by linking formal and informal elements he strives to create a merge between both worlds.

jochem op ten noort

born in 1976 in the netherlands in naarden.

lives and works in amsterdam (nl) and has a studio south east of amsterdam in the countryside near weesp (nl).


graduated at the school of arts in utrecht (nl) in 2002.


solo and group exhibitions:

in the netherlands:

among others at shell in amsterdam and rijswijk, gemeentemuseum the hague, delta lloyd in amsterdam.

in belgium:

the european commission in brussels.


gallery 9 presents his work since 2014.


his work has been purchased by several corporate collections and private collectors.