gallery 9 is admitted by the Mondriaan Fund as a participant in KunstKoop.

KunstKoop makes it possible to buy a contemporary work of art of a living artist with an interest-free loan of the ABN AMRO Bank.

the loan has to be payed back within a maximum of 36 monthly terms.

the KunstKoop-arrangement applies to works of living artists who exhibit in gallery 9.

the work of art has to be created after the year 1945.

only private persons can apply for the KunstKoop arrangement.

for an interest-free loan of the KunstKoop can be applied on the following conditions:

  1. -private persons only

  2. -by everyone between 18 and 75 years old who is living at least 1,5 year in The Netherlands

  3. -for works of art with a minimum price of € 750,- (there is no maximum price)

  4. -€ 7.500,- is the maximum amount that can be financed

  5. -the bank decides whether a buyer is considered for the requested loan

  6. -the buyer has to make a down payment of 10% of the price with a maximum of € 450,- directly to the gallery. it is not possible to get a loan for this down payment. if the price of the work is higher than € 7.950,- the down payment will be higher.

  7. -the term of the loan is 36 months or shorter, depending on the wishes of the buyer

  8. -the minimum repayment is € 22,50 per month.

see for further information about the KunstKoop arrangement:


and the website of ABN AMRO Bank.