hubert de boer

(renkum, nl, 1937 - amsterdam, nl, 2023)

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hubert de boer regards a landscape and is observing the space, structure, perspective, texture, shapes, and colours.

this can be just about the play of light along the side of a ditch as well as about a complete landscape scenery

he keeps that observation in his memory as an image.

many times supported by a sketch or picture made on location.

based on his observation he sets up a painting, a watercolour or a gouache.

mostly immediately abstract, sometimes first more or less true to nature.

initially the starting point of te landscape is still recognizable: sky-earth, horizon, shapes of trees, perspective lines.

next he starts to transform and to reduce this.

he uses a systematical way of constructing. In his work he tries to reduce his observation to the essenve.

he is focussed on the compositorial tension and the space caused by a painting or drawing and is not focused on a recognizable reproduction of a landscape.

the applied elements -shape, colour, texture- the used materials -canvas, paper, the kind of paint- and the technique, they all play a role in the working process.

the transparant layers of paint bring depth into the work and make the creation process visible.

there is an interaction between the last intervention and what has been applied before. the work more and more is becoming an abstract and tranquil object, particularly referring to itself.


hubert de boer


born in 1937 in renkum, gelderland, the netherlands.

died in 2023 in amsterdam, north-holland, the netherlands.

lived and worked at as a visual artist in france in le crotoy (bay of the somme) and in the netherlands in eenrum, groningen, and in amsterdam, north-holland.


1967 master of landscape architecture, university of pennsylvania, philadelphia, usa.

1969 landschapsarchitect, cum laude, lu wageningen, the netherlands.

as a visual artist hubert de boer is an autodidact and besides his professional activities in landscape architecture and urban development, during his whole life he worked as an independant artist.

he got lessons in drawing by kees bol and also by the dutch artist ko oosterkerk. 


his work was exhibited for the first time in 1986 at the "de kring" in amsterdam, the netherlands.

after that, his work was exhibited regularly on several locations in the netherlands. 

hubert de boer showed his work many times at gallery 9.

among others he had a solo exhibition at gallery 9 with his paintings and in 2011 with his watercolours.

in the most recent exhibition at gallery 9 in 2013 he exhibited his works together with works of don satijn and of coen vernooij.

his work was also presented at the summer exhibitions of gallery 9 in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2023.

work of hubert de boer was also included in the spring exhibition 2021 and in the holidays exhibition 2023 in the gallery.

also gallery 9 presented his work at various art fairs in the netherlands such as art amsterdam 2009, artspot amsterdam 2011 and kunstrai 2013 in amsterdam.