evaluation art amsterdam 2010: gallery nine (9) most missed!

in august / september 2010 visitors have been requested about art amsterdam 2010.

with the results the rai-organisation wants to improve the art amsterdam more and more.

below you will find a selection of the most important results of the investigation:

evaluation Art Amsterdam 2010:

in general the members of the panel were very satisfied about art amsterdam 2010 and gave  as an average mark 7,5.

88% pointed strong marks of art amsterdam 2010 especially are the diversity and quality and the atmosphere at the art fair.

67% mentioned items to be improved. especially the classification and signposting at the art fair and the desire to show more international galleries.

the most missed items on art amsterdam 2010 were sculptures, jewellery and glass arts.

the most missed galleries were galerie nine = gallery 9, diana stigter and juliëtte jongma.

kunstkoopregeling for 2011 and 2012

the mondriaan foundation announced half december 2010 gallery 9 again is selected as participant in the kunstkoopregeling for next two years.

klick here to view the kunstkoopregeling.

bookpresentation dick cassée

In gallery 9 will be on sunday november 28th 2010 from 3 till 5 p.m. presentation of the book:

dick cassée - scotland, photographs 1985-2009.

you are cordially invited.

klick here to view the invitation.

kunstbeeld.nl  nr 11 2010 p. 88 switch!:

dick bouwma, gallery 9

In the column ‘switch!’ on page 88 of the november issue of the magazine ‘kunstbeeld.nl’ sandra jongenelen pays attention to dick bouwma who from january 1st 2009 has been taken over gallery 9 of nine van caldenborgh.

klick here to view the article in kunstbeeld.nl nt 11 2010

affordable art fair (aaf) amsterdam 2010

this year the AAF was held for the fourth time in Amsterdam.

gallery 9 participated this year for the first time.

the aaf was visited by many various people. as for the aim to reach new groups of people which are possibly interested, the participation of gallery 9 to the aaf sure can be considered to be succssful. the sellings were rather disappointing. after all it was a special experience that was made possible by the contribution of the artists presented and by the efforts of: dick, peter-paul, marga, alide, teun, josé, dex and matthijs.

klick here to view the pictures of the booth of gallery 9.

participation of gallery 9 in affordable art fair (aaf) amsterdam 2010

from october 28th till october 31st, 2010 gallery 9 participates in the affordable art fair (aaf) amsterdam in cultuurpark westergasfabriek.

in booth number R8 gallery 9 shows works of the following artists:

  1. -gabriël barlag

  2. -dick cassée

  3. -andrew clausen

  4. -carien engelhard

  5. -eef de graaf

  6. -dorry van haersolte

  7. -joop haring

  8. -johannes karman

  9. -anneke klein kranenbarg

  10. -ineke van koningsbruggen

  11. -tineke porck

  12. -frans vendel


video exhibition dov shlein in gallery 9

at the time of the exhibition of dov shlein in gallery 9 recordings are made of a videopresentation. view the results at:


pan amsterdam

gallery 9 received of pan amsterdam a letter, dated august 31st 2010, in which is announced that the Board of directors reacted positive on the request of participation by gallery 9.

there is a waiting list for pan amsterdam. gallery 9 has been placed on this waiting list.

artantique 2010 in jaarbeurs utrecht

the new fair for arts and antiques ‘artantique’ has been successful to

gallery 9.

this was possible thanks to the contributions of the represented artists and also by the people helping in the booth: dick, andy, teun, gerty and josé and by the people helping at building up and down and the transports: dex en matthijs. 

we received many positive reactions of visitors and were able to make many new contacts.

klick here to view pictures of the booth of gallery 9

art amsterdam 2010

after having participated in art amsterdam for a long range of years this year gallery 9 is not admitted to art amsterdam.

this year half of the members of the selection committee were new. this selection committee has given a negative advise.

not any argument is mentioned in the letter in which this is announced to gallery 9.

on inquiry edo dijksterhuis, the new director of art amsterdam, finally points out that the presentation of gallery 9 is not fitting in the new choosen concept of art amsterdam. 

‘hhat’s in a name?’

although the name of the gallery always has been  ‘gallery nine’ (thus in english), the gallery often was and still is called ‘galerie nine’ (in dutch). this is well to understand because nine van caldenborgh was the person behind the gallery for a period of twenty years (from 1989 until 2008).

to avoid all indistincts about the name, more and more the number 9 will be used.

in the first instance this happens by adding the number 9 between brackets: ‘gallery nine (9)’. later the number 9 will replace ‘nine’ and the gallery will be presented as ‘gallery 9’. 

new website

the new website van gallery 9 is on air! it took some more time than expected but finally there is a website that can be updated permanently.

on the website you can find information  about gallery 9 self, the exhibitions in the gallery and the presentations on art fairs, the services and last but not least you also can find information about the artist attached to gallery 9 and their works.


participation of gallery 9 in artantique

gallery 9 participates this year in a new art and antiques fair: artantique (www.artantique.nl).

artantique takes place in the jaarbeurs utrecht, hall 4. the fair is open to the public from sunday april 11th until sunday april 18th 2010.

gallery 9 presents in booth number 3 works of the following artists:

  1. -gabriël barlag

- emiel van der beek

  1. -anjeliek blaauw

  2. -dick cassée

  3. -andrew clausen

  4. -jef diederen

- carien engelhard

- dorry van haersolte

- anneke klein kranenbarg

- ineke van koningsbruggen

- dov shlein.

it is a great pleasure to invite you to visit the artantique and offer you free entrance tickets.

please send an e-mail to info@gallerynine.nl and mention name, adress and the number of persons.