exhibitions 2012


september 8th until october 6th 2012

Ineke van Koningsbruggen



Ineke van Koningsbruggen (Harmelen, NL, 1943) 

'les rennes 4'


oil paint on canvas 

150 x 130 cm

Michiel Jansen

slate compositions


Michiel Jansen (Utrecht, NL, 1959)

'Imago II'


slate, pigments 

40 x 29 x 10 cm


saturday september 8th 2012

from 4 till 6 p.m.


Ineke van Koningsbruggen: paintings

Michiel Jansen: slate compositions

From september 8th until october 6th 2012 Ineke van Koningsbruggen and Michiel Jansen exhibit in gallery 9 at Keizersgracht 552 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Ineke van Koningsbruggen shows her most recent paintings and Michiel Jansen his slate compositions.

The work of Ineke van Koningsbruggen

Characteristic of the work of Ineke van Koningsbruggen is her fascination with the connectedness of nature and earth. This is reflected in the way they the spatial landscape character of areas like the ancient Burgundy and raw northern Spain powerfully reach life. The recalcitrant substrate as a challenge to the visual design of an age-long century cultivated soil. The image of beaten earth.

By constantly changing and subtle color shades, which gradually developed from colorful to monochrome, she knows each time to give a new substance to her work. Each painting will therefore have its own distinct character, in which always a new variation on the original theme can be found. It gives the by Ineke van Koningsbruggen in many years developed technique based on the use of many layers, a depth that continues to intrigue.

Ineke van Koningsbruggen

Born in 1943 in Harmelen (The Netherlands).

Lives and works in Vught (The Netherlands).


Academie voor Beeldende en Bouwende Kunsten, Tilburg (The Netherlands).


Solo and group exhibitions on many locations in the Netherlands. As in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Harmelen, Kaatsheuvel, Laren, Oisterwijk, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht and Vught.

Exhibitions abroad including in Spain and the United States of America.

gallery 9 since 2009 regularly presents work of Ineke van Koningsbruggen in the gallery, on Artantique in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (The Netherlands), at the Affordable Art Fair in 2010 in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), on ArtSpot 2011 in Loods 6 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the KunstRAI 2012 in the RAI in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


The work of Michiel Jansen

Michiel Jansen has been working for many years with slate. This is an ancient material, stone naturally layered. As a sculptor he rearranges the layers and builds new custom shapes with it. These forms are often derived from nature, shape contrasts also play a major role.

First, a design is made​without taking into account the constraints that the stone would accommodate. Then the slate plates each individually are processed. Hacking, cutting drilling and grinding. Then they are connected to each other with a sealant, and finally, always with a metal interior and connected to a complete work.

Sometimes there then follows a total processing. With pure color pigments he gives the gray-black stone an extra charge.

The painter goes hand in hand with the sculptor. This development of two dimensional into spatial through the years clearly can be seen. Space and light effects are important elements of which an image is designed.

Often the sculptures of Michiel have to be fixed to the wall and sometimes it seems as if the heavy stone statues float. Regularly he also has commissioned work, which is released to stand in the room, with or without base. For example, he made a sculpture made of wood that was floating in the water, in spite of a weight of about 400 kilos. His work is included in private - and corporate collections.

Two extremes in "being" are the main points for his sculptures. On the one hand, the primary need for nutrition and safety. And on the other hand the need to get lost of unnecessary ballast in an effort to self realisation. These two different main points are alternately elaborated in slate. This is visible through the compact static form or in the open and rhythmic composition.

Artists he admires are: Piet Mondrian, Ellsworth Kelly and Anish Kapoor.

Michiel Jansen

Born in 1959 in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Lives and works in Amersfoort (The Netherlands).  


Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht dependance Amersfoort (The Netherlands).

Commissions for several constituents.


Solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, including in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Eck en Wiel, Groningen, Utrecht and Wageningen.

Exhibitions abroad in France and the United Kingdom.

gallery 9 presented his work since 2011 in the gallery and on Artantique 2011 and 2012 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (The Netherlands), on ArtSpot 2011 in Loods 6 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the KunstRAI 2012 in the RAI in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).