exhibitions 2012


Manja Hazenberg



Robbert de Goede

Spatial compositions 

March 24th 2012


May 5th 2012


Manja Hazenberg (1952), Volterra, 2012, 

gold leaf, brass thread, albaster, 13 x 13 x 13 cm


Robbert de Goede (1969),'Velvet Curve', 2010, 

polyester thread, MDF, acrylic paint, glass, 60 x 60 x 30 cm


Saturday March 24th 2012

from 4 till 6 p.m.


Manja Hazenberg: objects

Robbert de Goede: spatial compositions

From March 24th until May 5th 2012 Manja Hazenberg and Robbert de Goede exhibit in gallery 9 at Keizersgracht 552 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Manja Hazenberg shows recent objects and Robbert de Goede presents his spatial constructions.

The work of Manja Hazenberg

'The whole is more than the sum of the parts'.

Manja Hazenberg creates geometric abstract objects, both as wall object as detached. A rhythmical entirerity of nearly identical elements.

The objects are made of the zinc of gutters. Sometimes the surface of the zinc is moulded with acids in a way that causes geometrical patterns. Other times the recycled zinc effects a contrast with an inside of gold leaf. The form consists of zinc tags strung or mounted on canvas with metal thread. This gives the constructive work an artisanal character. Other materials used by joined Manja are lead and plate felt.

Tension in the work is caused by differences in texture, use of materials, line and surface, open and closed forms.

Manja Hazenberg


Born in 1952 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


1975 ABK Minerva, Groningen.

1977-1979 UVA, Study History of Art.


Solo and group exhibitions on many locations in The Netherlands. Amongst others in Almelo, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Bilthoven, Bussum, Delft, Den Haag, Deventer, Eck en Wiel, Haarlem, Landsmeer, Leeuwarden, Nieuwegein, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Oosterbeek, Soest.

Exhibitions in the United States of America in Baltimore, Boston, Syracuse (NY) and New York. In Canada in Ottawa and Waterloo.

gallery 9 presented works of Manja Hazenberg since 2011 in the gallery, at Artantique 2011 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and at ArtSpot 2011 in Loods 6 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Her work is represented in the collections of the Gemeentemuseum/Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and of the Commercial Academy in Yoro (Japan).    


The work of Robbert de Goede

Robbert de Goede's work can be seen as wireframe studies, much like the ones used in architecture software.

They are studies in space seperation, rythm, proportion and experience by movement.

The choice to work with wires comes from the desire to make volumes with a light and transparent character.

An important effect in working with wire is the effort it demands on focussing on the wires. The viewer has to make a good effort to see and understand all aspects of the work. This way the viewer, or rather said the participant gets to be extra aware of his place in relation to the work and space around him.The viewer can also be overcome by feelings of dizziness. By focussing and being caught up one might get so consumed by the work that one loses the feeling of the space around the work. Here ones senses have to start working to determine ones pressence related to ones surrounding.

An other part of the work is the sense or experience of the speed one moves with along the work. Upon moving around the work the wires cross eachother and their collors and density enhances and so the experience of the work.

The work would be best described as threedimensional landscapes or compositions. 


Robbert de Goede

Born in 1969 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).  

Since 1998 working as autonomous visual artist and interior architect. 


Solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands amongst others in Almere, Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Winterswijk.

Exhibition at in the Czech Republic at Art-Prague.

gallery 9 presents his work now for the first time.    

His work is represented in private collections.